What is TravelerBuddy?

TravelerBuddy is all-in-one DIgital Travel Assistant that redefines users’ travel experiences by eliminating travel inconveniences with an intuitive and innovative travel App. TravelerBuddy is the all-in-one travel app that’s got your back from start to finish.
Please watch a short introduction about the app by open the menu (on the top right) and select 'About TravelerBuddy'.

TravelerBuddy was designed for frequent travelers like you so you can save valuable time before, during and after your trip. With TravelerBuddy you can:

- plan, organize & share trips
- keep track of itineraries
- hassle-free manage travel expenses
- easily check-in for flights
- securely access travel docs
- stay informed about travel requirements & risks
- call emergency services and contacts instantly
- know exchange rate, time difference & weather
- simplify immigration
- smoothly navigate to next location with integrated map
- get discounts for travel bookings and products
- get inspired by travel multi-media collection
- save time

TravelerBuddy organises your travel-related information into a itinerary with detailed trip item cards that are automatically connected with maps for better navigation.

Each trip item typically contains several trip items (flight, hotel, restaurant, meeting, places of interest etc.) depending on what you add automatically by email or manually entry into your respective trips.

We automatically create trip items for flight, hotel, restaurant, car rental, etc. based on your forwarded booking confirmations to trips@travelerbuddy.com

Travel with a peace of mind knowing that we are always in sync with your schedule. Our real-time notifications feature anticipates, alerts and reminds you of all crucial information such as travel risks and flight delays. TravelerBuddy all-in-one travel app that’s got your back from start to finish.

What is the difference between the FREE, and PRO version of TravelerBuddy?

Please refer to our website www.travelerbuddy.com/plans or via app menu/subscription for information on various subscriptons

How can I get TravelerBuddy?

Download either the iOS App or the Android App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store respectively or just use that link: tbdy.co/app

How do I create a trip?

Simply forward travel booking confirmations (for flight, hotel, restaurant, car rental) to trips@travelerbuddy.com and we will automatically create the trip(s) for you.
From there, you can start adding trip items of your choice to the created trip(s) either automatically by forwarding more booking emails to trips@travelerbuddy.com or adding details manually in the app or web.

How do I change a trip name?

Select the trip you want to rename, open your itinerary by click/tap on the circle, click/tap 'Trip Tools' (top right), select 'Edit', change trip name and click/tap 'Save'.

What if my trip was not created?

Send your booking confirmations to support@travelerbuddy.com and we will look into the matter for you.
We aim to set up the trip for you and/or provide you with a reply within 24 hours.
For other non-flight, -hotel, -restaurant or -car rental related trip items, you will have to create the trip items manually with the relevant information at hand. Just click/add on 'Add Trip Item' (top left)

What if I spot errors in the automatically-created trip/trip item?

For an immediate fix, please edit the trip/trip item and update it with the correct information. To do so, click/tap on 'Trip Tool' (top right) in the respective itinerary.
We would appreciate if you could send your feedback to support@travelerbuddy.com, so that we can further improve our app.
We are only able to auto-populate details into the trip item fields that were originally present in the travel booking confirmations.
You may therefore notice some empty fields if information in these areas are lacking in your travel booking confirmations.

How do I combine Trips

Click/tap on 'All Trips' symbol on the bottom bar. Select one of the trips you would like to combine and swipe left, then select 'Combine'. Afterwards, you can select any other trip for combination by a simple click/tap on the box next to the respective trip(s).

I bought a paid version on iOS previously and have now switched to an Android Mobile device

Good news, you do not need to pay again!
Simply download the App, log in with the same username and password and we will grant you the access to the version you previously paid for.

Why there might be delayed or inaccurate flight information or destination addresses provided?

Data is sourced from your forwarded booking emails and/or your manual data entry. Any error from the source might lead to subsequent errors in processing. We use internal solutions and external data providers for processing your data (e.g. flight alerts).
With regards to flight alerts and updates, our service provider is the global industry leader. Neverthelss, it is dependent on timeliness and accuracy of information provided by airports and airlines.
With regards to location addresses, our service provider is the global industry leader. Neverthelss, it is dependent on updates and accuracy of provided addresses. Unfortunately, a number of travel agencies and hotels provide address or location which cannot be mapped correctly in widely used online maps. You are able to update the address directly to match the maps. You can edit the address in the respective trip item card (e.g. hotel), by click/tap on the 'edit' symbol on the top right, change the address and save changes. You don't need to enter the full address, as the entry field is linked with predictive search engine.

How can I contribute to improve the app?

Your suggestions are highly valued as it would help both TravelerBuddy and our partners to improve.
Please do not hesitate to drop us an email at support@travelerbuddy.com on how we can improve.

How can I synchronize my trip and/or trip items?

If your trip appears on the home page of the app, simply tap "Synch" to synchronize your whole trip to your calendar, and if not, please open 'Trip Tools'on the top right of a respective itinerary, then select 'Sync' and scroll down to the end of itinerary and select 'Synchronize'.
To synchronize selected trip items, please open 'Trip Tools' on the top right of a respective itinerary, then select 'Sync', tick or untick the boxes of the various trip items you want to select/de-select, then select 'Sync' and scroll down to the end of itinerary and select 'Synchronize'.

How can I manage my Expenses?

To manage your expenses, you need to have the BIZ membership. Go to Menu, click/tap on 'Subscription' and select BIZ version.
Click/Tap on the expense symbol on the bottom of the screen. Afterwards you will find all auto-generated expense, which you can select.
Swipe left on the respective report and select own of the following functions: 'Edit', 'Delete', 'Share' or 'Submit'.
If you click/tap on a report you see the various expense items of report. If you can click on expense item you can see and edit all expense item fields.
For forwarded booking emails we will auto-generate an expense report for you.
You can add new expenses to existing expense report by click/tap on the 'Add Expenses' on top left. You can attach PDF files from, images or snapshots.
If you submit an expense report you will receive an email with a summary report (PDF) and a zip-file, that includes your report and all invoices (single files as PDF) and raw a data file (CSV format) you can use for import/export.
You can add a new expense report directly after click/add the expense symbol on the bottom bar and the click/add on 'New Report'

How can I manage forwarded booking documents?

Open Menu button on the Home page and select 'Document Box'. You will find your travel bookings emails in the 'Trips' folder, if we were able to auto-generate your trip. In the case we weren't able to auto-generate your trip, you will find your booking confirmation email in the 'Unreadable Documents' folder. Swipe left on the email and you will find 'Delete' and 'Share' buttons.
To view a document, simply click on the respective email.

How can I add and/or change my profile pin?

If you tap on the Profile on the lower right part of the screen, it will open a page where you would see "Activate Profile Protection", tap that button to start setting up your pin. To manage your pin, open Menu tab on the top right, click on 'Settings', 'Profile Pin' and set or change your pin.

How can I run a pre-travel check?

Click/Tap on the advice symbol on the bottom of the screen. For your existing trips, the pre-travel checks were already automatically performed for you, if you have setup your passport details in the profile. If so, then you can access the pre-travel check by click/tap on 'My Library'. Simply select the respective trip and read the pre-travel check carefully and act accordingly.

If you don't have an upcoming trip and/or you didn't set up your passport in the secure profile section, then you can perform the pre-travel check manually. Enter your nationality, passport expiry date, country you are travelling from and to, plus the arrival date. Afterward, please click/tap on 'Check Now'.

How can I use the immigration card assistant?

Click/Tap on the immigration symbol on the bottom of the screen. Afterward you will find all auto-generated immigrations forms, which you can select. The forms are accessible offline and can be used as reference when filling the paper forms manually.

How can I check-in online to flights?

Depending on the airline, the check-in feature is available 24h/36h/48h before a respective flight.

You will receive a timely flight check-in reminder via email and via push notification to your smartphone. And if your trip is on your start screen, a red check it button will be active when online check in is available for your flight.

Alternatively, you can click on the itinerary (once available) on the red check-in symbol or open the flight trip card and click/tap on the bottom of the check-in symbol.

You will be directed to the respective check-ins site. Please click on the red bar 'booking details' at the top of the screen and simply copy the respective fields one-by-one and paste on the airlines check-in page.

Click/tap on < on the top left to return to the app.

How to check what is new in the app?

Open menu on the Home page and select 'What's New'

How can I watch more educational videos for the main features?

Please visit www.travelerbuddy.com/video

Who can I invite others to use the app?

Open menu on the Home page and select 'Invite Friends'

How can I change my password

Open menu on the Home page, select 'Settings' and click/tap on 'User & Password'. You can create a new passport. Please confirm changes by click/tap on 'Update'

How can I add additional email addresses?

Open menu on the Home page, select 'Settings' and click/tap on email addresses and add email. For the safety reasons, you will receive a confirmation email in your mailbox, which you need to verify for activation.

How can I change the email address for flight information emails?

Open the 'Menu' in the upper right corner and click on 'Settings' and select 'Email Preferences'. Un-click on the circle to show your preference. Having the check means that you should send the flight information e-mails to the address from which you sent the flight booking.

How can I check the currency exchange?

To check the currency exchange, simply tap the currency conversion tile from the trip display on your home screen, from there you can select between currencies.

How can I check the weather forecast?

To check the weather forecast for your upcoming trip, simply tap the weather icon from your home screen and it will display the 5 day forecast.

How can I change the app language?

To change the app language, go to settings then tap language and select your desired language.

How can I check the Travel Risk for my upcoming trip?

To check the travel risk assessment, simply tap the risk status of your trip on your home screen of the TravelerBuddy mobile app, it will display the various sources for the risk assessment.

How to change primary email address?

To change your primary email address, go to 'Settings', then select 'Email Preference' and tap 'Change Default Email Address' and fill in your new email address then tap 'Update'.

How to protect my personal information?

To ensure that your data is protected, you can enable pin protection for your profile. To set this, go to 'Settings', then 'Profile Pin'.

How to set the residence country?

To set your home, go to 'Profile', then 'Personal Information', then select your residence country.

How to delete my account?

To delete your account, go to 'Settings' then select "User & Password" and tap "Delete Account".

How to manage my notifications?

You can manage your email and push notifications in 'Settings', under 'Notifications'. By default, all email and push notifications for your account are enabled. If you wish to disable certain alerts, simply uncheck the box.

What can I expect in the 'Deals' section?

We are constantly updating our deals section to find travel related products and services that are suited for you. TravelerBuddy will not be held responsible for purchases made outside of the TravelerBuddy app.

What various information are being displayed in the home screen?

We provide you with all the necessary details you may need before, during, and after your trip. Currency Converter, Time Difference, Travel Risk Assessment, Pre-Travel Check, Expenses Management. All easily available for you.

How to view the details of my trip and trip item?

Select 'Trips' at the bottom of the app to display all your upcoming trips. You can also view your past trips on this screen. To view the trip item details, select the respective trip and tap the trip item you wish to view more details of.

How to check Travel Entry Restrictions?

Click on ‘Advice’ on the bottom bar wherever you are in the App.

Enter your planned travel details – if you have already upcoming travels, please access ‘my library’.

Click on ‘Check Now’

You will automatically get a comprehensive pre-check, including COVID-19 Advice

I'm not able to sign up through my social media account (FB, Google, LinkedIn) - what to do?

Most likely the network you're connected with is blocking access to social media accounts. Please try to connect to another network or via mobile data where social media accounts are not blocked.

I've signed up but didn't receive a verification email as mentioned - what to do?

Please check your Spam folder in your email account. To avoid our emails ending up in your Spam folder, please add travelerbuddy@travelerbuddy.com to your contacts

How do I share my itinerary with others?

You can share your trip itinerary via email or messenger, using the ‘Share’ function. The recipient will get a email with your itinerary (email) directly or a link for PDF download (messenger)

You will find the 'Share' function on various app screens:

- 'Share' symbol on top right of the home screen
- 'Share' button at the end do an itinerary
- 'Share' option in trip tools feature (top right in the itinerary)

How can I upgrade/renew my subscription?

To renew/upgrade your subscription, open your Traveler Buddy Mobile app, tap the burger menu, select 'Subscription', then select your desired subscription.

How to share passport images?

To share passport images, simply navigate to the passport section in the app, select the share icon.

How can I add an emergency contact?

Go to your profile and choose emergency contact, Click/Tap +Add to choose where you want to get the contact no. via "My Contacts'' or "Manual Entry".

How can I setup my biometrics?

Open menu on the Home page, select 'Settings' and click/tap on 'Profile Pin' enter your current profile pin, once done you can see a switch right beside "Fingerprint or face recognition is active/Inactive" that you can enable or disable.

How do I call an emergency service?

Click/Tap the Emergency symbol on the bottom of the screen and Simply tap on Call Icon to call the Emergency service number.

How do I communicate to my emergency contact?

Open the Emergency button on the bottom of the screen and Simply tap Message icon to send a message, to send an email tap the Email icon, and to call tap the call icon.

How can I receive Travel Risk updates?

You are automatically opt-in for travel risk updates for countries that you have upcoming trips to, the only exception would be is if you have a trip going back to your residence country.

How can I add my COVID-19 Test results to my profile?

Open your 'Profile' section by tapping 'More' in the lower right part of the home screen and tap 'Profile', then select 'COVID-19 Test'. From there, you may add records of your COVID-19 Tests.

How can I add my vaccines to my profile?

Open your 'Profile' section by tapping 'More' in the lower right part of the home screen, then select 'Vaccine'. From there, you may add records of your vaccinations including the COVID-19 vaccine, and set if you are fully vaccinated or not, we strongly recommend setting your vaccination status to 'Fully Vaccinated' if you already completed your COVID-19 Vaccine dose so that we can provide you with more accurate travel advice.

How do I generate a Travel Advice and declaring that I am fully vaccinated for COVID-19?

Open the 'Advice' section in the lower center part of the home screen, then provide all the details for your planned trip and set the toggle at the end of the form to 'Fully Vaccinated'. The result of the Travel Advice will take your vaccination status to give you a more accurate result.

How can I manage my Profile?

You can select the profile feature via the 'Profile' symbol on the bottom right. Then select the respective profile feature, enter your data manually and click/tap on 'Save'.

How can I return to the previous page?

Click/tap on the < on the top left of the respective screen.

How can I use the map navigation feature?

Open a trip item, then once you are in the trip item card, you would find a blue arrrow, tap it and it will show you how to get to your destination.

How do I purchase an e-Visa?

Open the 'Menu' in the upper right corner and click on 'Profile' and select 'VISA'. On the top part of the screen, there will be a banner regarding an e-Visa offering, once you tap the banner, it will display all the available e-Visa for application.

Where can I find COVID-19 Test sites?

Tap the menu button in the top right part of the screen and select COVID-19 Test Sites. Enter the location you wish to search the service or tap the target location icon to get your current location and tap the 'Find' button to get the results.

How can I change my personal TravelerBuddy email?

Tap the menu button in the top right part of the screen and select 'Settings', then 'Email Preference' then simply select 'Change Personal TravelerBuddy Email'.

How can I use my personal travelerbuddy email?

Every TravelerBuddy user is automatically assigned their own personal TravelerBuddy email address. This address can be used when booking flights, accommodation, restaurants, car rental, events, activities, and other trip components. Using your unique email address when making travel reservations will ensure that all the relevant information and details are automatically captured and used to create your itinerary, effectively removing the need to forward confirmation messages to us at trips@travelerbuddy.com By enabling the ""send email to default email address"" option emails sent to the user's personal TravelerBuddy address will also automatically be forwarded to the user's default email address.

How to view the airport terminal map?

Navigate to any one of your flight trip items and open the trip item card. Once you are in the flight card, tap the icon with three dots and select the airport terminal map you desire to view.

How to view the aircraft seat map?

Navigate to any one of your flight trip items and open the check-in section. Once you are in the check-in section, tap the 'Check Seats' button.

How to view my travel stats?

Tap the menu button in the top right part of the screen and select 'Travel Stats', then you can view the accumulated stats in the all time filter or annually by selecting a specific year if there are data available.